Embrace the future of auditing with TopCat

Compliance Auditing Made Easy

TopCat is an auditing solution which has been proven to reduce auditing time by over 50%.

An all in one efficient and flexible system that carries out all your audits.

Irrespective of how your organisation is structured, and how many different types of audits you want to carry out, TopCat will deliver.

Conducting Audits

  • Create audits on the fly or generate them automatically.
  • Perform audits on your PC or an Android device.
  • Synchronise devices via USB or wirelessly.
  • Constant connection not required to perform audits.

Adding Audit Details

  • Include custom comments.
  • Capture and attach photographic evidence.
  • Assign responsibility for rectification.
  • Modify the list of questions asked while conducting the audit.
  • Sign off the audit when completed.


  • Generate reports immediately as soon as audits are completed.
  • Instantly provide information on rectifying issues.
  • Produce detailed reports on any aspect of the audit process.
  • Save reports into multiple formats.
  • Reports available for all levels of your organisation.

Support and Training

In Control staff will help setup your system that will reside on your network and devices as well as provide you with the training you need to get the most from TopCat.

We will also give you all the support we can to make sure that your auditing experience is as pleasing as possible.


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System Requirements

  • The main desktop application runs on Microsoft Windows
  • Data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server either on a server or a PC
  • Android devices are used for conducting audits
  • Wireless auditing requires a server running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • TopCat supports multiple databases and multiple audit categories in each database
  • There are no restrictions or additional costs associated with adding additional databases or audit categories
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