Enjoy seamless task management with Carps

Fast, detailed and compliant task entry

Whether through the Windows based application, Citrix, web application, keypad, mobile device, or automatic generation from an external system, task entry into Carps is compliant with national standards for positive patient identification.

  • Customisable fields dependant on the particular task type.
  • SBAR and EWS calculations and flagging of clinical risk patients.
  • Recurring and ad-hoc tasks.
  • Integration with patient management systems.

Intelligent and flexible allocation of tasks to the most appropriate personnel

  • Logic based business rules to intelligently assign tasks to the most appropriate individual or group.
  • Escalations and KPI alerts.
  • Any combination of workstation based task allocation by controller, clinical lead, mobile supervisor, operative / self or business rule based.
  • Manage tasks for doctors, nurses, orderlies, discharge cleaners, bed cleaners, porters, allied health professionals to name a few.
  • Location-aware for efficient task allocation and workload distribution.

Optimised workload management to improve patient flow

  • Using the Carps smart phone app, doctors, specialists nurses and other staff are easily able to manage their task allocations with all required information at their fingertips.
  • Each stage of a task from entry to completion is recorded with a series of timestamps, allowing for a full audit trail.
  • Recording and management of delays.

Powerful business analysis and workflow reporting

  • Comprehensive business performance management, benchmarking, KPIs and predictive analytics.
  • Dashboards available to allow for workflow visibility and real-time metrics.
  • A plug-in architecture allows custom reports to be added to deliver site specific data.
  • Patient flow improvement.
  • Integration with data warehousing systems and abatement and contract management systems.

Support and Training

The Carps system is a turnkey package, where In Control staff will setup and tailor the system to suit your requirements.

In Control also offers support packages for the system to receive software updates and maintenance services.


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System Requirements

  • The Carps Logger application runs on either a Web Browser or Microsoft Windows PCs.
  • The Carps Controller application runs on Microsoft Windows
  • Android or iOS devices are used for mobile personnel
  • Data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server
  • A server running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is required
  • Integration is supported using any of HL7v2, FHIR, RESTful web services, SOAP
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