Optimised Clinical and
Non-clinical Task Management
plus Compliance Auditing
right at your fingertips

Used by over 165 Hospitals, Aged Care Centres and Universities across Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom

Carps Clinical Task Management

Dynamic, fast response clinical task management system with a visible and instantly accessible workforce and workload.

Timely Patient Care

Effectively manage valuable clinical resources and improve patient care outcomes.

Intelligent Task Allocation

Automated allocation and task priority escalations.

Real Time Analytics

Supports the implementation of organisational or procedural change to improve clinical staff utilisation and manage risk.

Improved Communications

Geographic nurse and patient identifiers help to optimise efficient task allocation.

Carps Non-clinical Task Management

The Carps system facilitates monitoring, managing and reporting on all tasks.

Rapid Task Entry

Fast, detailed, and compliant with customisable fields and programmable recurring tasks.

Intelligent Task Allocation

Automated allocation and task priority escalations.

Fluid Workload Management

Easily updated and timestamped task statuses with full audit trails.

Comprehensive Reporting

Easily integrated with other systems to generate enhanced workflow visibility.

TopCat Auditing

A suite of programs providing an efficient and flexible method of undertaking your audits.

Fastest Way of Auditing

Solution that will prove to reduce auditing time by over 50%.

Offline Auditing Support

Perform audits anytime, anywhere and synchronise via 3G, Wi-Fi or USB.

Flexible Database Structure

Fully customisable databases to suit your organisation structure.

Extensive Reporting

Dashboard and reports available for all levels of your organisation in the format of your choice.